Merion will hold an invitational in September. Watch out for more details and plan to attend -- to help keep the balls rolling.... WRW players have been traveling to tournaments since 2008 but this year's InterClub event at Merion Cricket Club, Haverford, PA,, was by far the most affable and fun group yet. We bonded, we ate (some drank), we laughed, we cried .... and we played croquet, some better than others, at the amazing Merion Cricket Club. A big shout out to the GC team of Susan Koepp, Jennifer Lewis, Gwyn Smith and our guest, Steve Fisher (Oklahoma). WRW placed third in a group of six GC teams. A big shout out, too, to those appearing at a tournament for the first time: Steve Graham, Marie Richardson, Jennifer, and Gwyn. The 8-member, six-wicket team held its own against serious, low handicap players from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Four overtime losses could have easily been wins., Hats off to the gutsy team of Jay Graham, Steve Graham, Cynthia Chess, Linda Orff, Ed O'Laughlin, Sue Sergeant, Marie Richardson and the ever humble Imperial  Wicket, Rodney Calver. It was a tough tournamen but the memory I will take away is that, although it was hard, the game of croquet, and the team spirit of our players were the real winners! Others will have their own recollections of bar bills so long that they tripped over them as they left the hotel lobby before breakfast Sunday! -- Rodney Calver