Welcome to our Nationally Recognized Croquet Club



Welcome to West River Wickets. Competitive croquet is a whole new ballgame. Forget your father's nine backyard hoops. Substitute six metal wickets with limited clearance either side of the ball. Introduce a strategy that is part golf, part pool and part chess. That in a nutshell is six-wicket croquet. Golf croquet is a simplified variant of the game. Together, they have made croquet one of the fastest growing sports in America. It is a fun sport for all ages -- for young and old, men and women and players of all capabilities.


If you think you have the temperament to step up to the wicket, we’ll arrange a simple introduction to the game.


In the spring, West River Wickets will hold free introduction to croquet sessions for members and beginners on Saturdays (weather permitting). Players receive basic instruction on using a mallet, striking the ball and making wickets. Games of golf croquet, one of the most popular forms of the game follow. Call Jay Graham 443 850-6520 jay@grahamlandarch.com . Bring your friends!


Board member Noreen Rice receives the Morgan 'Sonny' Wayson Memorial Trophy for 2021 from Vice-president Jay Graham. Noreen was designated Recruiter-in-Chief for her extraordinary efforts in increasing membership. The trophy is awarded annually to an individual who has gone the extra mile to improve and promote WRW and croquet.

Hal Denton (left) continues to add to his trophy cabinet at the highest level of our sport. On December 5, he and Sherif Abdelwahab won the USCA Golf Club Teams Championship at the National Croquet Centre in Florida, beating John Steninger and Ned Sperry 7-5 in the championship flight. Ten days later, Hal and Sherif won National Croquet Club American Rules Tournament championship at West Palm.

Members are asked to use the sign up sheet before playing: