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Welcome to West River Wickets. Competitive croquet is a whole new ballgame. Forget your father's nine backyard hoops. Substitute six metal wickets with limited clearance either side of the ball. Introduce a strategy that is part golf, part pool and part chess. That in a nutshell is six-wicket croquet. Golf croquet is a simplified variant of the game. Together, they have made croquet one of the fastest growing sports in America. It is a fun sport for all ages -- for young and old, men and women and players of all capabilities.


If you think you have the temperament to step up to the wicket, we’ll arrange a simple introduction to the game.


Once the Covid-19 pandemic eases, West River Wickets will hold free introduction to croquet sessions for members and beginners on Saturdays (weather permitting).  


Players receive basic instruction on using a mallet, striking the ball and making wickets. Games of golf croquet, one of the most popular forms of the game follow. Call Jay Graham 443 850-6520 jay@grahamlandarch.com . Bring your friends!


West River Wickets and Ginger Cove Croquet Club hosted the 2021 Maryland Senior Olympics. Final Results -- Flight 1 Gold: Gil Rocha (WRW) and Eugenia Wilkie (WRW); Silver: Lee Jorde (WRW) and Jay Graham (WRW). Bronze: Noreen Rice (WRW) and Richard Murchake (GC). Flight 2 Gold Ann Alto (GC) and Dennis McClain (WRW); Silver Frankie Hall (GC) and Alicia Estes (WRW) Bronze: John Rice (WRW) and Matt Mudd (Gibson Island). Top (l t r) Lee, Jay, Eugenia and Gil.

Below (l to r) Frankie, Alicia, Dennis and Ann.


For photographs please visit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EWaIlmEh9Lu9dcW3wJyp7hjIgRIU5ngv

Members are asked to use the sign up sheet before playing: