2018 Maryland Senior Olympics


John Rice and his wife Noreen, of Annapolis, began to take croquet practice assiduously in July after being introduced to the game by West River Wickets member Jay Graham in the summer of 2017. 

It paid dividends for John when. cheered on by Noreen, he won a gold medal in the B Flight of the Maryland Senior Olympics at Ginger Cove, Annapolis. He was partnered with Linda Bowers, of Rochester, NY and together they prevailed over Linda’s husband Peter and Cynthia Chess (WRW) by one wicket in a game that went to overtime.

Flight A was also a nail-biter. Lee Jorde and Rodney Calver, both of WRW, lost by one wicket in overtime to Rich Laging (Rochester, NY) and Christine Smith (Sarasota, FL).

The two-day tournament was held at Ginger Cove, Annapolis and on West River Wickets lawns in Owensville and Edgewater. 


Full results:


Flight A:

Gold:         Dick Laging (Rochester, NY) and Christine Smith (Sarasota, FL)

Silver:        Lee Jorde and Rodney Calver (both West River Wickets)

Bronze:      Tom Stoner (WRW) & Suzanne Laging (Rochester, NY)


Flight B:

Gold:           Linda Bowers (Rochester, NY) and John Rice (WRW)

Silver:          Peter Bowers (Rochester, NY) and Cynthia Chess (WRW.

Bronze:        Susan Savage (WRW) and Jerry Reed (Ginger Cove). 

The 2018 Maryland Senior Olympics will be held on September 29 and 30.​