2017 Maryland Senior Olympics

The fifth annual Maryland Senior Olympics was held under sunny skies at Ginger Cove, Annapolis and West River,  Maryland.  The doubles tournament attracted 30 players and was divided into two divisions, A and B.  Both finals were hotly contested, In Division A, Lee Jorde and Peter Stevens were five wickets up with less than 10 minutes to play before Sue Sherer (Rochester) went on a tear only to break down at six. In Division B, it took Jamie Chan 20 minutes to get into the game but he soon began to pick up wickets with his partner Jerry Read. Opponents Bobby Pittman and Sue Laging (Rochester) put up a spirited response but Jamie was too good for them.


Medal winners


Division A
Gold -- Lee Jorde (WRW) and Peter Stevens (WRW)
Silver -- Byron Lee (GC and WRW) and Sue Sherer (Rochester)
Bronze -- Hugh Collie (WRW) and Rich Laging (Rochester)
Division B
Gold -- Jamie Chan (WRW) and Jerry Reed (GC and WRW)
Silver -- Bobby Pittman (WRW) and Sue Laging (Rochester)
Bronze -- Linda Bowers (GC) and Jane McCarl (GC)





The 2018 Maryland Senior Olympics will be held on September 29 and 30.​