Overview of Classes

West River Wickets offers a wide variety of classes, from beginner to advanced. Our senior players, who have attended instructional schools at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, are more than willing to pass on to others what they have learned.


At 10 each Saturday morning an introduction-to-croquet session is held for newcomers and beginners at the Denton lawn: 246 Mill Swamp Rd, Edgewater, MD. Guests receive instruction on holding a mallet, hitting a ball and making wickets. Games of golf croquet, one of the popular forms of the game, follow.


Once or twice a year, we invite croqet pros to spend a day with us to hone our skills.


Sessions for newcomers and beginners are held each Saturday morning at 10 am: 246 Mill Swamp Road, Edgewater.